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Automatically be organized

Never wonder when was the last time you preached about Jacob. Preachup effortlessly keeps track of topics, biblical locations, verses and biblical figures. Preachup Also makes it easy to keep track of sermon details like dates and locations.

Effortlessly know what you haven't preached

Preachup uses technology to find topical, or scriptural gaps in your preaching. Hold yourself accountable by knowing when you’re being too repetitive or are completely ignoring certain topics or passages.

Remember sermon details

Remember the details

You work too many hours on your sermons to stick them on a hard drive and forget them. Sermon DB keeps track of all of your sermons and groups them by key aspects. Searching your sermons is easy and powerful.

Share your notes with your church

Sermons are great to listen to and watch, but often reading them can highligh some many more details. Make it easy for your congregation to keep up with verse references and top-level points. You put a lot of effert into your sermons, help your church get the most out of them.

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