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A better way to write sermons

Write, research, organize, and share your sermons from any of your devices.

Ready when you need it

Preachup allows you to read and write across all of your devices synching seamlessly.

  • Prefer writing on your laptop and presenting from a iPad? No problem.
  • Prefer writing on your iPad at a coffee shop? No problem.
  • Epiphany strikes right before your preach and you need to add in an important point? No problem.

Designed for sermons

Designed For Sermons

Preachup is not like Word or Evernote, it's tailored to sermons. Preachers don't think in terms of H1 or H2, they think in terms of points, subpoints,quotes, and verses. Preachup automatically identifies verse references and allows you to quote them or open them side-by-side in your favorite bible translation as you write your sermon.

Beyond Writing to Preaching

Preachup goes beyond being a writing tool by also helping while you preach your sermon. Preachup lets you focus in on each point and keep track of the time your spending preaching your sermon.


Know what you haven't preached

Preachup keeps track of all of your scripture references from all of your sermons and can tell you what you haven't preached. Easily know if you're being too repetitive or are completely ignoring certain topics or passages.

Share your sermon

Need to sync up your sermon with your worship pastor? Make it easy for your congregation to keep up with verse references and top-level points. You put a lot of effort into your sermons, help your church get the most out of them.

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